Travel Tip #1: Do Not Bring Your Suitcase In The Paris Metro

For our first blog post we’ve decided that we wanted to share some of our travel tips since we love travelling and have done quite a lot in our twenty years. One of the most crucial traveling tips that we did not know while in Paris was To Not Bring Your Suitcase In The Paris Metro. We cannot emphasize this enough. Simply put, don’t do it. When getting out of the train station or airport splurge on a taxi. This will prevent you from having to lug your overpacked and heavy suitcase up and down the stairs, through the turn styles and maneuvering through the crowded metro.

Don’t try to deny the fact that you are a heavy packer. There is no such thing as a girl who packs light… Especially when travelling to Paris.


If you must travel with your luggage through the metro, do not copy the above photo.

Follow these tips and you will survive the Paris metro:

  • get yourself sorted (avoid extra body clutter, eg. purses, camera bags, backpacks, unnecessary hats*, phone in hand, etc.)
  • have metro ticket ready to go
  • pass through the turn style first
  • then, pass luggage underneath
  • for your own self-esteem, avoid direct eye contact with any locals – they will be judging you and maybe even obviously rolling their eyes
  • read the maps correctly and don’t get on the train in the wrong direction… we know this from personal experience
  • throw out your old metro tickets to avoid any accidental attempts at using the expired ticket and risking getting yelled at by french policemen (again… personal experience)

*The unnecessary hat was the blonde Emma’s unfortunate mistake… Be realistic when packing. Are you really going to wear that big floppy hat? No.

Bonus Tip:

Download a metro app, they will save you time and help you avoid any mistakes.

Here is one that we used in Paris and highly recommend:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 15.33.16.png


Paris Metro Map – Departures and route planner



Stay tuned for more travel tips!

Emma & Emma


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